How many immigrant apprehensions take place in the u.s.-mexico border?

This is my Annotated Bibliography about Why do undocumented immigrants come to America illegally?
Write about a 2-3 page lit review essay with correct citations, size 12 fonts, with an introduction section, a summary/expositions section, and a conclusion.
Who are the undocumented immigrants?
What do illegal immigrants bring with them or what do they do in the U.S when they
How many immigrant apprehensions take place in the U.S.-Mexico border?
Who are the large populations of illegal immigrants?
I will be using secondary data analysis. My first part of my research
is a quantitative method but then it is more qualitative research because it is not all
statistics. However, I am showing some numbers of how many undocument
immigrants are in the U.S and focus on interviews of the undocument immigrants
where they came from.

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