How the bystander effect and social control behavior behind it contributes to it.

Answer the following questions based on my research project which is about the rise of cancel culture and how it became a socially acceptable form of cyberbullying in todays society. How the bystander effect and social control behavior behind it contributes to it. I will provide some sources I have already found. Each question should be around 200 words each.
What new perspective or new knowledge have you gained as a result of your independent research project so far?
(for this question I want to talk about the bystander effect and social control behind cancel culture)
What myths or misunderstandings are associated with your project? What facts have you discovered that may dispel the myths or misunderstandings?
(I want to talk about how people mistake freedom of speech with hate speech/cyberbullying)
Please provide details on the people who are most impacted by the project you are working on. What needs are expressed by this population? Provide information that supports your assertion

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