How to Utilize this Information to be Better Prepared for Your Future

Begin by creating sections (using APA format level headings) to be completed for the project:
General Opening/Introductions
Findings from Personality Assessments
Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses (according to the results of the assessments linked to a relevant theory)
Goals (short-term and long-term)
How to Utilize this Information to be Better Prepared for Your Future
Conclusion/Review of Personal Growth and Lessons Learned
In the second unit stage, examine the definition of leadership in the textbook. Please find a definition of leadership, followership, and teams to use that you find meaningful, descriptive, and encompassing your beliefs. These definitions will become the foundational building blocks to your final project. Review Core Assessment Overview.
Follower. A follower is…(source).
Followership. Followership is…(source).
Leader. A leader is…(source).
Leadership. Leadership is…(source).
Teams. Teams are…(source).

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