How were the conversations with medical professionals?

These assignments are supposed to be interview information about an individual’s response to the various questions. Instead, you are using his answers to suggest that ALL older adults are like this. Older adults are an extremely diverse group. Mr. K may be this way, but that’s not to say that all older adults are this way. That needs to be clear in your submissions; otherwise, your submissions are perpetuating over-generalizations.
Interview Topics, Sample Questions, and Due Dates
Health (due by noon Nov. 7, refer to Chapter 11)
To explore their own experiences of health, their perceptions of others’ health, or their experiences with the medical community, you could discuss:
Ask them to rate their health on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being healthiest; how do they rate peers on the same scale? Are they healthier than those their age? Why or why not?
Do they regularly see a doctor? More than one doctor? Why or why not?
Do they find that medical professionals listen to them well, answer their questions? Are their doctor appointments “long enough” to get their questions answered or to understand what they are supposed to do?
Have they ever had an acute medical issues (e.g., broken bones, appendicitis, heart attack, stroke, etc.)?
Ever been hospitalized? Ever had physical therapy? How were the conversations with medical professionals?
What do I submit to the assignment folder?
Word documents should be submitted to the assignment folder, and those word documents should contain the details of what you learned in the interview for that topic. Grading will be based on the amount of detail provided. See recommended page limits below. All documents will be submitted to and students should pay careful attention to the originality scores. All interviews should be your own, original work, quoting your interviewee, as needed.
The document submitted could contain:
2-4 doublespaced pages of a paper summarizing what you learned in the interview, including quotations from the person; OR
2-4 doublespaced pages of a transcript of the interview itself; OR
2-4 doublespaced pages of notes you took during the interview

Basically, there is flexibility in how you conduct these interviews, what questions you ask, and how you ask them. The “interview submissions” should be detailed information about what you learned from this person. If they are too short (one page or less), you will not have enough information to complete the final paper or presentation. Since the final paper or presentation will be connecting these interviews to the terminology and research discussed in the textbook and course materials, it would be a great idea to begin those connections when you post information about each interview. This is not, however, required until the final paper or presentation. Each interview submission is worth 10 points; the lowest interview score will be dropped.

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