How will you help them see that stories typically only provide a partial account of what happened?

Introduction to the Assignment
For this assignment, you will write a critical literacy lesson. Have students consider the perspectives of central but silenced characters in a picture book. Have them look at the text from multiple characters’ points of view and critically reflect on their thoughts and feelings. What questions will you ask to help students gain a deeper understanding of the book? How will you help them see that stories typically only provide a partial account of what happened?
“Critical literacy involves challenging a text by considering problem-posing questions such as: What’s missing from this account? How could it be told differently? Comber (2001) explains: “Critical literacy is not a set of finite practices.” She asserts that teachers “have to assist young people in assembling a set of discursive tactics and strategies” (p. 2). The NCTE Position Statement on Reading (1999) states: “As readers, we talk to others about what we are reading. These interactions expand and strengthen our comprehension and interpretation. In these interactions, we learn to read critically, to question what we read, and to respond in a certain way.” Further, through problem-posing questions, students learn to “uncover underlying assumptions and motives that otherwise operate invisibly.” This minilesson describes one practical way to introduce young people to discursive tactics and strategies that will expand and strengthen their comprehension and interpretation of texts.”
Kesler, T. (n.d.). Seeing multiple perspectives: An introductory critical literacies lesson. NCTE.
Directions for Completing The Assignment
Engage with this week’s required readings. If possible, explore the optional texts that are provided.
Read, closely examine, and critically reflect on the sample critical literacy lesson plan shared below.
Gain a better understanding of how to write a critical literacy lesson plan using the information listed below the sample lesson.
Do some additional research on your own to deepen your learning and help you plan your lesson.
Select a picture book for your lesson. The text you choose must have been published after 2015. See “Additional Information” for a list of possible picture books you might use for your lesson. You are also free to choose a title that is not on the list.
Write your critical literacy lesson plan.
Upload your lesson plan to Canvas by Sunday, June 26 at 11:59 p.m.
Criteria for Scoring this Assignment
The picture book selected is well suited for a critical literacy lesson and was published after 2015. (0-20 points)
The lesson plan is laid out step by step and flows in a logical order. (0-20 points)
The plan includes specific discussion questions designed to engage students in critical literacy conversations. (0-20 points)
The lesson demonstrates clear connections to course readings, discussions, and presentations. (0-15 points)

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