How your agency addresses substance use and opioid use, and at what system level.

Consider all of the information you read (and viewed) in this module regarding substance abuse and opioid prevention and treatment, information you gained from past courses and personal experiences (only share what you are comfortable with, and protect the confidentiality of anyone you discuss in these postings), and compare that to your experiences thus far this semester in field. Areas to consider should be: 1. How your agency addresses substance use and opioid use, and at what system level.

2. Additional opportunities at your agency for substance use and opioid use prevention and treatment.
3. Your take-aways from the readings and links throughout the module, and how you will use this information in practice.
4. Your comfort level in engaging in courageous (difficult) conversations with clients or stakeholders regarding substance or opioid use, prevention, and/or treatment.
Your initial posting must be by video (you may record and post a private youtube or other similar link, record and upload a meeting with just yourself on a free zoom or other similar program, or use any other program you are familiar with. The purpose of the recorded initial posting is to increase your comfort level with oral presentations of information to your peers, as this is a skill frequently used by professional social workers. The recording should be posted by noon on Thursday, and should be at least 3 minutes in length, but not exceed 5 minutes in length. Examples and details should be given from your experiences and field placement to support all main points made in your posting. Additionally, you must respond to a minimum of 2 peers by the end of the module (Sunday at 11:59pm). Each response to a peer should be no shorter than 1/2 page in length (if in a word document), and should adhere to the use of paragraphs, citation of references where appropriate, and include new details and examples to support your points. These reflective discussions are your place to critically reflect on your field experiences this semester, so it is expected that you will give details and examples from field to support your discussion points.

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