However, again, do not rush through this; take your time.

Imagine the bull’s eye dartboard is divided into four areas of living that are important in people’s lives: work/education, leisure, relationships, and personal growth/health.
1. Work/Education refers to your career aims, values about improving your education and knowledge, and generally feeling of use to those close to you or your community (i.e., volunteering, overseeing your household).
2. Leisure refers to how you play in your life, enjoy yourself, your hobbies, or other activities you spend your free time doing (i.e., gardening, sewing, coaching a children’s soccer team, fishing, and playing sports).
3. Relationships refer to intimacy in your life, relationships with your children, your family of origin, your friends, and social contacts in the community.
4. Personal growth/health refers to your spiritual life, either in organized religion or personal expressions of spirituality, exercise, nutrition, and addressing health risk factors like drinking, drug use, smoking, and weight.
In this exercise, you will be asked to look more closely at your values in each area and write them out. Then, you will evaluate how close you are to living your life in keeping with your values.
You will also take a closer look at the barriers or obstacles in your life that stand between you and the kind of life you want. However, again, do not rush through this; take your time. You are to write a two-page paper explaining your questions and answers. Think and analyze before you write your thoughts. This is a paper on introspection. You will write this as an APA essay, but you will not include references.

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