However, please provide justification as to why you feel satisfied.

This paper is a culmination of course learning thus far directly applied to the student’s life journey. Think of the paper as a life journey self check-in or self-analysis of life experiences and self-concept. The student is to use the course text, Interpersonal Communication: A mindful approach (chapters 1 through 6), course videos, and module learning/exercises from Week One through Week Four. The paper is to be a 5-to-8-page (cover page and reference pages not included) paper drawing from your knowledge about self, identity, and how those two are imbedded in their cultural context, as well as how nonverbal communication and mindfulness impact their daily lives. This paper should be typed, double spaced, in APA format, and in 12-point Times font. APA Help link APA Sample Paper This paper is due Week 5.
Using the text and content in modules 1-4, address how the following topics are present (or absent) in your life as well as how you could integrate mindfulness into your daily life. The areas of application to your life are self-concept, OCEAN model, self-compassion, cultural influences, nonverbal communication, and applying mindfulness practices. Provide examples from your own life that illustrate why the chosen theory (ies) is (are) the one that closely fits with how you view your self. You may also discuss how the theories do NOT fit your understanding of your self or even just how certain parts of each fit your self-analysis.
Essentially, this paper has 3 parts: 1) Analyze your past self (and life experiences) based on the self-concept ideas of congruency, temperament/personality, OCEAN, and attachment styles. 2) Come up with a theory of self for your self, give it a name and explanation using additional theories in the text, videos, and other worthy resources. 3) Future direction for your self-concept (talk about improving your feelings/thoughts about yourself. Address implementing self-compassion and mindfulness into your daily lives.)
First, think about where you have come from and what you have lived through, how has that shaped how you think about yourself? How have those experiences shaped your behaviors and choices? Assess those reflections with what the text addresses in Chapter 3 (Congruency, temperament/personality, OCEAN model of personality, and attachment styles.)
Next, conceptualize and discuss your thoughts on the theory of self, further applying additional theories (at least two) as discussed in your text and other creditable resources, that allow you to examine your theory more fully. This area is for you to make up your own theory of self by compiling what you have learned thus far. Please give your theory a name. I would name my theory “The Bad Ass Disco Diva in Heels” then I would use more ideas/theories about the self to explain this self-made title as well as using real life experiences to back up the ideas.
Finally, as a means of becoming more mindful of the self and attempting to see yourself “independent from social roles and rules”, select an idea on the self that you would like to strive for, as in for personal enrichment. However, if you are currently satisfied with who you are currently, it is okay to say so. However, please provide justification as to why you feel satisfied. If you would like to strive to be a touch different, explain why you feel this way as well as why the idea of self you chose for the future is an appropriate choice for you. Yes, I would like you to discuss personal values, goals, self-compassion, and mindfulness here.
NOTE: DO NOT be global, that is, do not use terms so general to be meaningless. Use terms that are specific and tie those terms and explanations to examples from your life that illustrate what you are writing. This should be an attempt to become more conscious of your own thoughts and behaviors. I am NOT expecting a thorough analysis of the text’s theories/concepts, only a snapshot as it may/may not relate to your self. Please try NOT to look at this as condemning. We each have winding paths and interesting life stories that shape and influence who we are. Cherish and applabciud yourself for still standing!!

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