However, they seem to be becoming less recognized as the key to innovation as referenced below in the link.

ASSESSMENT ITEM 1: DESCRIPTION This assessment focuses your attention on a complex personal problem. You will need to iterate your prior innovative approaches to finding a solution. You will then explore a novel approach via altering your state of consciousness to achieve a creative solution from being in the state of Flow. You will record your comparative experiences in a 1000-word report.
1. Abstract or Executive Summary
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction
4. Literature Review
5. Method or Methodology or Research Design
6. Results or Findings
7. Discussion of Results or Analysis or Interpretation
8. Conclusions/Recommendations
9. References APA
My background – I would like to use this as the basis of my 1000-word report. Can you help me with the content theoretical support, comparative and references?
As a Quality Engineer & Six Sigma Black belt, I have studied and practiced six sigma methodologies and PDCA for the last 25 years personally and professionally. I was keen on this field because of my fascination with data and research. These tools historically were utilized to inspire innovation through these data-driven problem-solving approaches. However, they seem to be becoming less recognized as the key to innovation as referenced below in the link. When I started my business degree, I was not very keen on the course material or weekly tasks. It was routine and I wasn’t mentally stimulated and not a lot of thought was required to read the content. I planned each semester using my trustworthy PDCA cycle– Plan each week, review the content and book references, complete assignments and review my assignment marks and then become disappointed when I didn’t achieve an HD. I believe these actions were more aligned with the Componential Theory of Creativity by Teresa M. Amabile. Do you agree?
Without even knowing Cziksentmihalyi’s Innovative Process Theory Method, I started diverting from the structure of the weekly course layout. I would review the content but spend hours and hours of research on particular topics reviewing data and statistics. Everything around me seems nonexistent and I even ignored my phone calls and husband when they were calling me. The data aspect is what has been most important for me to get into this zone that is referred to by Cziksentmihalyi’s. This has changed my entire outlook on my learning objectives. I focus more on research and learning new concepts based on the weekly outlines, understanding different perspectives vs achieving a high mark. In addition, this has made me realize that I have been very unhappy in my career for the last 15 years because I lost the aspect of my life that I was passionate about and have been more involved in corporate politics vs science and technology. I still believe that traditional innovation methods (PDCA/Six Sigma still do inspire innovation). We need to adopt a combination of flow state and traditional methods to inspire innovation. I think they complement each other but I don’t have proof to support my comment other than my professional opinion!
reference attachment for links and references

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