1 ) As you read the short story, look for Bierce’s use of description to create a surreal environment. Then, answer the following question in a minimum of 200 words: “Explain whether you think the portrayal of Farquhar’s escape and final thoughts is realistic. Consider the following: Farquhar’s heightened, hyper-realistic senses, his ability to dodge gunfire, his family, etc. Use specific examples of the story for support.”
2) Bierce’s short story is often cited as a model of the American Realist literary movements’ use of description. At many points in the story, those details are so exact that they could be tiresome to some readers. Select at least three examples of description from the story that give it the sense of authenticity and authority that the author knew about geography, soldier’s etiquette, politics, etc. Remember that your response should be around 200 words.

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