Snarky Puppy – We Like it Here Youtube Concert
Do not use the “first-person” voice when writing the review. Write like a reporter: stating who, what, and when. Avoid using the word “I”. Instead of saying “I thought the piano player was amazing”, say “The piano player amazed the
audience with their incredible skill”. Instead of saying “I was bored the entire time”, say “The concert was not interesting” Your ideas are already presumed to be your own.
Watch the entire video and take good notes on all of the performers, the songs performed, and
what you thought about each one. The songs and performers will be announced at different points in the concert. You may also
search the YouTube comments or the Web for needed information, but avoid using ANY copy
and paste. Write an intro paragraph explaining which concert you choose, including the date, place, name,
and why you picked it. Write a paragraph describing the musicians. Don’t just list them, and avoid any copy and
paste. Make it interesting! Write a paragraph for each song, describe it, and what you thought of it. Write a closing paragraph: summarize your overall impression of the concert.

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