I dont actually know how many pages you’ll need so i started with 4 but if you n

I dont actually know how many pages you’ll need so i started with 4 but if you need more just request for the payment for the extra. I am including the examples from my professor.
1. Locate additional references about a research topic
2. Compile a list of 4-6 references about a particular topic
3. Write summaries for each of these references in paragraph form
4. Create an annotated bibliography
Chapter 6: “Skeptics May Object: Planting a Naysayer in Your Text”
Chapter 7: “So What? Who Cares? Saying Why It Matters”
Chapter 8: “As a Result: Connecting the Parts”
Articles for your Annotated Bibliography Paper
For this assignment, you will:
Gather your sources for this assignment—annotated bibliography
Compile an annotated bibliography of 4-6 secondary sources
Include the two sources you have already annotated and summarized Also include a citation for the primary source—the story or poem.
Summarize these 4-6 articles creating an annotated bibliography
All of these articles must be about the same story or poem you have been researching since Unit 1. They may, and should, deal with different aspects of the story or poem, however. One might be talking about one thing; another might be discussing a completely different aspect of it; still, another might be discussing a third idea about the story or poem.
The purpose of this exercise is to see what scholars are saying about the story or poem itself and to learn as much as you can about this story.
1. Read the textbook and assignment materials for important information
2. Locate 2-4 more articles in the library database about the same story or poem
3. Read and Annotate the additional articles (these annotations/summaries will not be turned in except as part of your annotated bibliography)
4. Create a list of references/citations putting these in alphabetical order
5. Write summaries of 100-150 words after each citation
6. Save the annotated bibliography as a .doc or .docx file
7. Upload the saved document to the course

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