I need a 200-word response to one of the following.1. I have watched the video

I need a 200-word response to one of the following.
1. I have watched the video in Module 4 assignmnet and it was suprising for me. I was first suprised when the lady was telling her story and made it sound scary and bad. The lady was being very dramatic and the poilce officer was just doing his job. She deserves a ticket and not a warning due to the difference of her speeding. Her saying it was a slight difference is different from 15 miles. The way she denied to sign the ticket was unessary and the paper is known that it is just a promise to come to court and plead your case. The cop was doing his Job and who disrespects the poilce gets arrested.

We do get scared when the police officer is behind us but the fact that she was speeding and knowing that she willl get caught is still making a scene against the cop. She tried to play victim. I never knew that polices has body cam video. That is really cool and a good proof of the woman playing victim. You can tell the way she was lying from the beginning when she coulddn’t even bring one true statment of what happened. The police did the right thing and the way she was speaking to the cop did not seem she was aftaid at all. She knows that she will need to sign it . She is 50 years old and she should know better. It is not like her first ticket or first time she knows the law restrictions. 2. For this week’s discussion we will be focusing on the video case black woman accuses cop of racism. In the video, the lady who identifies herself as Donna, claims that the cop came up to her car and threatened her into signing a ticket lest he pulls her out of the car by the window and arrest her. The lady is facetiming while driving which is another offense. In the body cam footage from the sergeant, we can see him being very professional and doing his duty.
The lady makes false allegations and would have probably gotten the officer in trouble were there no concrete evidence. The lady is a disgrace to the black community and takes advantage of other people’s genuine situations wanting to benefit off them. That she is black does not mean she gets preferential treatment. This video really heartbreaks people who have experienced racism and creates a question of credibility whenever someone makes such claims in future.
3. 2018-Annual-Summary.aspx (ncsbi.gov) This link shows a detailed summary of the crime report in north Carolina in the year 2018. From 2017 to 2018 crime has dropped a little bit in most areas. The only section that was increased was in rape. I am surprised by these statistics because I expected the numbers to be higher than what the are. I also expected the crime to have increased from 2017 to 2018 since the population has increased. Violent crime has only decreased by about 7% which is the smallest decrease out of all of the crime. Robbery decreased about 19% and property crime decreased about 10%. I am not surprised that the statistics for rape are so high. Unfortunately that is such a common issue. There are also many cases that do not get reported each year. In this document each section of crime is broken down further. I took a better look into rape because that is the crime that has risen the most over that year. Rape is broken down into section by weapons like handguns, knives, rifles, hands, feet, etc. Hands, fists, and feet are used the most to commit this crime. Then knives, then handguns. I honestly thought handguns would be the most used to commit rape. It does make since how it is hands and fists because alot of the time the person knows the perpetrator so they may give in easier.

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