I need a narrative essay on my personal love story. My sister is getting married

I need a narrative essay on my personal love story. My sister is getting married and i do not have time to write one. But i do have a personal experience maybe it’ll help to write about. I went to pakistan last year on my brothers wedding after 10 years. And i met all my moms family for the first time.our traditional weddings lasts for weeks and i was busy doing all shopping and arrangements for the wedding. On march 6th the wedding days started.On the wedding day i met my mom’s cousin’s son. I’ve never seen him before. He was tall, very handsome with beautiful beard and hazel eyes.we both were hesitant for some reason. We would look at eachother make little eye contacts but not talk because I didn’t know how to start off a conversation. I knew it he liked me and but I wasn’t sure about my feelings. When his family wanted to leave after the wedding i felt really bad i wanted to cry and i did. They left and a day after he texted me a thank you message. I was wondering who it was because he wa the type who doesn’t talk yo girls and at first I thought he just has attitude problems. So i was like it can’t be him. I asked who is it? And he replied “hey its me Naqi”. My heart was about to jump out. I didn’t know how to control my emotions. We started talking and he said he likes me. But i never believed in love. I always felt like people lie they play with feelings and leave. Because thats what i saw happening with my friends. But he kept telling me to give him a chance and he promisef he would make me fall in love. We talked for 2 months and i started catching those love feelings. I thought he was very attractive which is why i felt that way I wasn’t sure if i had fell in love. But after 3 months he purposed. I wasn’t sure so i asked for a little more time. I wasn’t ready for marraige. We fell deeply in love. We would text call the whole day. I had to come back to new york and he was really mad at me because i wae leaving. We had arguments and much kore. I finally came back and everything was okay we started talking again. And he cried over the phone and said how difficult it is for him to be distant from me. It was a very first experience for me and for him as well. We both have never been in relationship before. So, I didn’t know how to control myself. I would cry every night in my bed because I just wanted to fly back to him. Last month i found out his mom wants him to marry someone in her family a girl he never liked. He tried so much and his sister did too, to stop their mother from making this decision. He told her he likes me but aunty said, they live abroad and we have a big difference we’re not rich enough to take their daughter. Ehixh i couldn’t understand. I told him i dont Care if they live in a small house and i will try my best to manage to understand their lifestyle. But she said no. She left the house because Naqi told her theres only one thing that if he would get married it’d be with me no other girl. I felt bad because i felt like I’m the reason foe their clashes in the house. I told him to say yes. He didn’t talked to me for a month. He said you’re out of your mind. I would not merey anyone else even if u tell me. After 100s of arguments and fights hes being forved to marry someone he doesn’t like for their family’s pride and respect. Because in our culture respect of the family is the first priority. He still calls me and cries and so do i.

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