****i will provide the sources, the articles, annotated bibliographies, the refe

****I will provide the sources, the articles, annotated bibliographies, the reference list, outline and the introduction paragraph. this ARGUMENTATIVE research essay is absout how technology has changed the occupation of human resources, and how it is still relevant today and in the future.
**no running head
**no outside sources can be used, as this is a research writing class.
**in text citations must be apa format 7th edition
**the list of references page must be in alphabetical order, hanging indent format
**every paragraph must have a intext citation.
******* MY BOOK : Palmquist, M. (2018). The Bedford Researcher (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s.
ISBN: 978-1-319-35077 -2
If there is a theory that human resources is losing its relevance due to technology becoming more prevalent, then why is the field still so essential? For years there has been ongoing speculations of why technology will eventually take over humans in certain occupations. The endless examples of jobs that have completely changed due to technology have people frightened for which career to choose, or the future of their current careers. Yet, people are fascinated with new technology trends and are eager to learn modern skills. Human resources is one of the many career that has evolved into something completely different due to the changes of the modern world. Implementing technology with HR skills will only make the career develop into an unyielding occupation by three main ways: operations, advancement, and longevity.
grading instructions:
APA format (including an APA title page,body, and reference page). Please utilize 7th edition of APA format. For information on formatting an APA document, look to the resources from APA Style.org but be sure to defer to your instructors requirements.
Must be 2000-2500 words.
The title page and reference page do not count towards the word count.
Use a standard, APA approved font based on your instructor’s preference.
With the exception of the introduction and conclusion, at least one form of support should be used on each page. Make sure to include APA cited paraphrases, summaries, and quotations.
There should be an APA reference in your reference list for each source you use.
Utilize integrated short burst quotations. These are five to seven words of a quote woven into the body of your own sentence
No block quotes should be used. Review the Week 3 Learning Module for more information on integrating quotes.
Use at least seven current academic sources for support within the body of the Formal Research Assignment.
Sources should be obtained from the eLibrary databases.They should consist of scholarly articles published within the last five years. Outside sources such as Google Scholar and the NIH databases may be used with instructor approval. Personal communication may be acceptable, but check with your instructor first.

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