Identify a need (An unmet demand for a product or service)

The Opportunity
The Need: Identify a need (An unmet demand for a product or service). The Solution: Develop a solution (A product or service that is a response to meet the need) NOTE: this is your intellectual property?
The Company
Business Structure: What business structure (i.e., business type) will you operate as?
Value Statement: Create a value statement which incorporates company ethics.
Operations Target Market: Who is your target market (who will consume your product(s) or service(s)? How will you sell your products or services?
Consumer protection: How will you ensure reliability or your product or services protect your customers and avoid damages.
Work environment: How will you create a healthy and safe working environment for employees?
Contracts: What contracts will you establish to operate your business?
Corporate and Social Responsibility: How will you advance your business’s corporate and social responsibility?

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