Identify and research a large service business in the business pathway

Identify and research a large service business in the business pathway. It should be on the Fortune 500 list. Don’t use Netflix, General Motors company, HCA Healthcare, Anywhere Real estate, Humana, Amazon, CVS, Walmart, Steelcase. Access their most recent (less than 12 months) Annual Report/10K at the EDGAR filings at SEC Edgar search tool or Yahoo or Google finance.
Please put the name of the company, in the subject line of your post.
Requirements: Initial post:
• Write a 3 paragraph discussion post with the following information:
• Why are you interested in this company? What is your pathway?
• What is the date of the most recent balance sheet presented?
In chapter 11 we learned about contingent liabilities. Does the balance sheet include any references to contingent liabilities? If it does, please describe what was shown.
• In the financial report, find the section in the “notes to financial statements” labeled “Commitments and Contingencies”. Describe and explain two of the company’s contingent liabilities reported in the notes that you found especially interesting.
• If your company doesn’t have any contingent liabilities, please select another company.
• Include the URL of the report in your initial post.

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