identify the common ground and the compromise so that you and I BOTH see that each one is present and easily located in your argument.

WRITE a ROGERIAN-style LETTER to the person or group of people you complained about. Write directly to the annoying one(s) by using second-person point of view [you/you/yours]. (The letter is an argument, but it will take the form of a letter.)
This essay is going to be on why people feel the need to skip in lines and not head to the back of the line like everyone else
**Use general-purpose search engines-Google, Yahoo, Bing-for sites ranging from neighbor Bob’s website to .com, .gov, or .edu items of varying reliability
One more requirement: Please label the Common ground^ and Compromise* parts of your letter. You can use color highlighting, boldface, underlining, or actual headings for drawing attention to those specific parts of the essay. Whatever you use should overtly identify the common ground and the compromise so that you and I BOTH see that each one is present and easily located in your argument.
The purpose of your letter is to persuade the people that annoy you to change or minimize whatever you have a problem with them doing. Persuade means that you do not call them names (Dear Knuckleheads), nor do you accuse, point fingers, or use language or a tone that alienates them (“Even a blind seven-year old can see that…” or “My problem with you is that…” or “You do something that really annoys me”). You want your reader(s) to cooperate with you, not be defensive or pissed off at you!
Salutation & Closing: Because your letter is still an argument, when it is complete it needs to have an introduction and a conclusion, along with several body paragraphs. Remember that you are directly addressing the group of folks who annoy you, so include a salutation—a Dear ____ greeting. Do not use To Whom It May Concern or Dear Sir/Madam! Such a greeting is cold and impersonal, and it tells your audience up front that you have no awareness of who they are. Also, do not address your letter to Ms. Ross.
Be creative and tactful. Instead of Dear Liars, try Dear Truth Benders or Dear Fabulists.
Furthermore, end the letter with a closing. The closing can begin a variety of ways: Sincerely, Regards, Yours truly, Affectionately, With love, etc. and end with your name.

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