If you choose to rewrite your original iracs which you submitted by nov 6th based on the feedback you received in your peer review, you may submit a rewrite for this assignment no later than sunday nov 13th at midnight.

Marilyn, the CEO of Kreativ Consulting, a management consulting firm, calls together a meeting of the company’s board of directors to discuss the possible liability of the company after a tense autumn at the firm during which several employees were fired:
Bruce, who has been with the company for three decades, was told by his manager Mike that he was being fired “to make room for some fresh faces” in the consulting practice. For many years, Bruce was a top rainmaker for the firm bringing in many clients but for the last five years his yield has dropped off.
Kylie was fired because she had become so frustrated with a client during a debrief meeting that she had punched him in the face. During the investigation of that incident, it became apparent that Kylie had anger management issues and had also recently driven a car filled with colleagues off the road trying to pass another car at high-speed causing an accident on the way to a company retreat resulting in the car being destroyed and injuries to passengers in multiple vehicles.
Jillian, one of the company accountants, was fired by Frank, the CFO, after repeatedly refusing his invitations to spend weekends with him at his beach house “so they could get to know each other better”.
Please do not include any criminal investigations you think may be relevant. Focus on the civil law you have learned in this course. Please identify separately the possible liability of Kreativ Consulting in any lawsuits that might result from the events described in (1), (2) and (3) above. Please prepare an IRAC for each of the legal issues you identify, and remember to include any defenses that might available to the company.
Your original IRACs are due by midnight on Sunday Nov 6. After you submit your document, you will be assigned an anonymous peer review on Monday morning. You are to review your classmate’s IRACs, commenting on how they identify each Issue, the Rules, how they reason in their Applications/Analysis and reach Conclusions for each one. And as you are peer reviewing your classmate, another classmate will be reviewing your work. Peer reviews are not optional. They are a required part of this assignment. Peer reviews are due on Tuesday Nov 8 by midnight.
If you choose to rewrite your original IRACs which you submitted by Nov 6th based on the feedback you received in your peer review, you may submit a rewrite for this Assignment no later than Sunday Nov 13th at midnight. This rewrite is optional and is posted in your course as a separate assignment.
This assignment is worth 15 points. That includes 10 points for your original answers (original or as rewritten at your option) and 5 points for your peer review of your classmate. If you forget to complete the peer review, you will automatically lose those 5 points so please set a reminder for yourself.
For your answers, I will be reviewing the structure of each IRAC you submit. We have been practicing and that should help you write up your Issue statements; identify and state fully all relevant Rules; and your reasons in your Analysis/Application by applying the facts to the Rules to determine your Conclusions. I will deduct for sloppy writing (spelling errors and incorrect grammar) so do take your time and properly edit both your answers and your peer reviews.
For peer reviews, you want to be constructive and thorough. This is meant to be a way to give and receive feedback to support your learning.
If you have any questions, please email me, or arrange a time to connect. Good luck!

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