Imagine you are marketing a new product (soft drink, car, clothing, shoes). You

Imagine you are marketing a new product (soft drink, car, clothing, shoes). You can market the product to meet basic needs. For example:
A soft drink can quench thirst; it can taste sweet; it can have 0 calories.
A car can get good mileage; it can have a powerful engine; it can have German engineering.
Clothing can feel good; it can be affordable; it can protect you from the elements.
Shoes can be comfortable; they can be pretty; they can be light.
Your job is to market the products toward each of the Fundamental Social Motives. For example, if you choose a car, you need to market the car for Status, for Protection, for Affiliation, for Mating, and for Family. Think about how you might make each pitch. Think about the emotions that you could arouse.
Then, for the assignment, write down ONE pitch for each of the five motives. You will choose one product (e.g., Diet Coke, Honda Civic) and you will write a pitch marketing that same product through each of the different motivations. It will naturally be easier for some motivations than others. Try your best. You need a Visual and a Tagline/Headline for the print ad.
Your assignment write-up needs to be concise, clear, and compelling. You will be writing no more than a sentence or two for each of the 5 fundamental motives. That is, you will type out each of the motives and underneath add your pitch (visual and tagline).

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