Imagine yourself in charge of an organization or business of your choice. You ar

Imagine yourself in charge of an organization or business of your choice. You are to hire a new employee for your business. Please describe your interviewing strategies and techniques, and the process of your decision-making (how will you select the best candidate?) and write a 2-3-page report.
Introduction: A paragraph where you state the nature of the business/organization of which you are in charge; the need for a new hire (what is the job that you are offering?); and the strategy of how you will plan to reach potential candidates and ask them to apply for this job.
Body (3-4 paragraphs) that answer the following questions:
What is the type of interview (structured, semi-structured, spontaneous) that you are going to conduct and Why?
What are the stages of your interview process?
How do you see your responsibilities as an interviewer?
What are the three (3) most important questions that you are going to ask your interviewees?
How are you going to make your final decision about the best candidate? Please describe the process of your decision-making.
Conclusion: A paragraph summarizing your findings about the interview process and offering some guidelines for conducting interviews; offer Do’s and Don’ts of conducting job interviews that others can use (NOTE: a minimum of three (3) Do’s and three (3) Don’ts should be offered for full credit).

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