In a statement of about 500 words discuss your background and general interest,

In a statement of about 500 words discuss your background and general interest, give your reasons for choosing
the Master of Criminal Justice and Criminology major, and include your professional aspirations and any special area of interest in criminal justice and criminology.
About me:
Im a first gen student that Grew up in southeast san diego, surrouded with poverty and in it myself there was crimeeverywhere I looked and seeing people I love be profiled and constly seeing family being arrested and just becoming a cliche. Ive always felt passionate about learning about the system and being able to educate myself and others that cannot comprehend the system or my feel the effects of the system itself. I am interested in studying Criminology for the mere purpose of wanting to fulfil a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of crime and exploring how crime affects our society. I dont know what I want to exaclty do career wise and im hoping this oppertunity will teach me more about criminal justice and criminalogy an thus open the door for positions within the criminal justice system or spark a new intrest in me that I didnt know about. I feel like during my time getting my BA in criminal justice and minor in pych I didnt learn enough epecially being effected by the Covid 19 outbreak it did alot to my education and I felt robbed in a sense and im hoping this will teach me more. I feel strongly that this is the right time for me to go to graduate school and prepare myself for my maximum professional and intellectual contribution to our world, our story, the quest for justice and security on our troubled planet. I am passionate about individual rights, inmate rehabilitation, juvinile justice and racial discrimination againt police.
I feel like i see kids that grew up like me and dont defy the odds because they feel like they cant or dont have anyone to encourage and speak life into them or they thing they mentally are not capable i know this because my siblings have voiced this but I want to make change and getting my masters I feel like I will take away useful knowledge todo so.

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