In this assignment select one Fortune 500 company from the 2021 Fortune List tha

In this assignment select one Fortune 500 company from the 2021 Fortune List that you have not studied previously (
Review the background material, including the video about Tuckman’s steps for group formation. Begin the assignment by reading the Stretch (2016) reference as well as chapters 9 and 10 in the Organizational Behavior textbook found below and on the Background page of this Module.
The focus of this assignment is on group (or team) formation to improve team performance and resolve group conflict. The easiest way to learn about this is to put a group or team together—but you must first decide if you need a group or a team.
Girdler, A. (2020, February 19). Team development stages. [Tuckman model explained] [Video]. YouTube.
Organizational Communication Channel. (2020, August 24). Teams vs groups & attributes of a team [Video]. YouTube.
Thought Bulb. (2020, May 26). Tuckman’s team building model: how to build a team [Video]. YouTube.
Research your selected company and conduct a quick SWOT analysis on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Select one of the identified Weaknesses to develop a group or team that will investigate a possible solution for the weakness.
Your 2-page essay will cover the following topics:
Did you select to form a group or a team? (Explain the difference between them.)
What weakness did you select to research and why did you select it?
What steps will you take to develop the right team to turn this weakness into a strength?
What will you do if there are conflicts in the group?
The essay assignment calls for a paper that is 2 full pages, not counting the cover and reference page.
Organizational behavior. (2017). Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing Edition. CC BY-NC-SA License.
Upload your assignment to the SLP 3 Dropbox. Be sure to review your TurnItIn Originality report. If the score is over 15%, contact your professor. You need to review the report and add any missing citations noted.
Citation and reference style instructions are available from the source listed below:
APA-7th Edition: Introduction to APA-7th Edition.
APA Style and Grammar Guidelines
APA Style and Grammar Guidelines–References.
You will find the following useful as you critique sources:
Herring, J. E. (2011). Chapter 3: Evaluating websites, Figure 3.1, p. 38. In Improving students’ web use and information literacy: a guide for teachers and teacher librarians. Facet Publishing. Available in the Trident Online Library, EBSCO eBook Collection. 
 Lack, C. W., & Rousseau, J. (2016). Chapter 4: What is critical thinking? In Critical thinking, science, and pseudoscience: Why we can’t trust our brains. Springer Publishing Company.  Available in the Trident Online Library, EBSCO eBook Collection. 
SLP Assignment Expectations
Include a cover page and References page in your essay of 2 full pages, not including the cover and reference pages.
Study the Grading Rubric. Review it before, during, and after preparing your assignment submission.
Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the materials cited on the Background page. Supplement these with at least one relevant high-quality peer-reviewed source that you locate in the Trident Online Library.
The SLP papers in this course will be evaluated using the criteria as stated in the SLP rubric. The following is a review of the rubric criteria:
Assignment-Driven Criteria: Does the presentation cover all key elements of the assignment in a substantive way?
Critical Thinking: Does the presentation demonstrate a college level of analysis in conceptualizing the problem? Are viewpoints and assumptions critically evaluated and synthesized in the formulation of a logical set of conclusions? Does the presentation demonstrate that the student has read, understood, and can apply the background materials for the module?
Scholarly Writing/Oral Communication: Does the student demonstrate college-level skill in scholarly written/oral communication to an appropriately specialized audience?
Assignment Organization and Quality of References: Does the student demonstrate understanding of a consistent (e.g., APA) style of referencing by inclusion of proper citations (for paraphrased text and direct quotations) as appropriate? Are appropriate sources from the background material included? Have all sources cited in the paper been included on the References page?
Timeliness: Has the assignment been submitted to the Dropbox on or before the module’s due date?

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