In your 750-1000 word essay, you will closely examine the formal elements of The

In your 750-1000 word essay, you will closely examine the formal elements of The Great Gatsby. Your assignment will be an exploration of how characters or settings are developed in particular ways through the language used to describe them. You will develop a central thesis, and write using the formal voice (no personal pronouns, no colloquial language, etc). Your paper should have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. This paper should interpret and analyze how character or setting is developed, rather than simply summarize these elements of the story. You are expected to use textual evidence to support your points.
Choose one of the following topics to use as a prompt, or starting place, from which you will develop a thesis, or central argument. You should include proper citations and a bibliography, formatted in MLA style.
Please choose one of the following topics
Choose ONE of the following characters and explore how the physical descriptions of this character relate to the characterization of his/her personality traits and values: Jordan Baker, Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan, or Jay Gatsby.
Discuss the imagery used to describe the valley of ashes, and explain how this relates to the themes of the novel.
Daisy’s voice is described in detail throughout the novel. Explore how these descriptions relate to her character.
Compare how East Egg and West Egg are depicted throughout the novel and how this relates to the central themes.
Analyze Gatsby’s house, and the symbols that relate to it, such as the green light, the books in the library, Klipspringer, etc.
Explore the relevance of T.J. Eckleberg and discuss how the references to him throughout the novel helps develop certain themes or ideas

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