Inequality in Historical Perspective:

Topic: Inequality in Historical Perspective:
Case study: A historical look at educational inequality – this is a huge topic, by design. Pick a policy proposal that would alleviate this, in your view, and a strategy for implementation (see full assignment attach file). The readings below are a broad overview- you do not need to respond to each of them or read them all in detail.
Case study readings: • Katznelson, Ira. 2006. When Affirmative Action Was White, chapter 2 (“Welfare in Black and White”)
• Rosenberg, Gerald. 2008. The Hollow Hope, 2nd ed, chapter 1 (“The Dynamic and the Constrained Court”) and chapter 2 (“Bound for Glory? Brown and the Civil Rights Revolution”).
• Suzanne Mettler 2017 presentation on her book Degrees of Inequality: • Chang, Alvin. 2019. “How Segregation Keeps Poor Students of Color out of Whiter, Richer Nearby Districts.” Vox, 25 July. • Frankenberg, Erica, Jongyeon Ee, Jennifer Ayscue, and Gary Orfield. 2019. “Harming our Common Future: America’s Segregated Schools 65 Years After Brown.” Joint Report: The Civil Rights Project and Center for Education and Civil Rights. 10 May.

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