Infant in a Primary Care

Infant in a Primary Care Setting – Case Study
A four-month-old boy and his parent present to the pediatrician’s office as follows:
Subjective Data: Mom states that her son has been tugging at his right ear and woke up crying in the middle of the night, two nights ago. She gave the child Ibuprofen and his bottle, and he went back to sleep. Last night, he woke up in pain and was inconsolable. The child’s mother had taken him to the pediatrician two weeks prior due to a “runny nose but he has otherwise been well since.” The infant now is “more irritable and restless” than normal and the mother would like him to be seen again. His mother works full time and smokes ½ pack of cigarettes per day to cope with the stress of raising a child as a single parent. The infant lives with his extended family and attends a daycare program 5 days a week. Objective Data: His vital signs are within normal limits for his age, except for an oral temperature of 38.5 C. His lungs are clear to auscultation, there are no other abnormal findings on examination. On otoscopic examination, you see a bulging and erythematous right tympanic membrane. His left tympanic membrane is normal. The infant is diagnosed with acute otitis media (AOM).
The goal of the first part of this assignment is for you to discuss the causes and treatment options for AOM. Present your answers to each question in an outline format. Pathogenesis: discuss the pathophysiology and clinical history associated with AOM. (What is/ are the causes of AOM? What subjective data has the mother provided that helps support a diagnosis of AOM?) Identify risk factors specific to this case that predispose this child to AOM: Identify the pathogen most commonly associated with AOM. What anti-infective will most likely be prescribed?
The second part of this assignment is for you to consider how patient preferences, values, and beliefs influence health and wellness by answering the following questions in an outline format: Select a culture of your choice to assign to this case study.
Integrate the cultural perspectives related to illness and health care as you discuss risk factors, additional assessments, and appropriate nursing interventions that should be implemented in this case study. In addition to your course textbooks, provide one peer-reviewed nursing journal reference to support any recommendations. Please use APA format for your citation and reference page using APA style.
The entire assignment should be approximately 2 pages. This activity will be graded using the case study rubric.
Jarvis, C. (2020). Physical examination and health assessment (8th ed). Elsevier.

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