Initial post: Choose any ONE situation from the end of the chapter EXCEPT SITUAT

Initial post: Choose any ONE situation from the end of the chapter EXCEPT SITUATION #1 and respond to it utilizing the concepts we have learned thus far. Please refer to the EXAMPLE that I have posted as to SITUATION #1.
Response post: After posting your thoughts and reflections in your initial post, please respond to any classmate’s post by providing a countering position or added support for their position (you should NOT be repeating what they said – you need to present NEW ideas).
Your posts should make it clear to us that you read the chapter, reflected on the material, and can craft thoughtful, respectful, professional responses. Mere opinions and assertions NOT bolstered by concepts from the text or other evidence gleaned from your research will not be given full credit.
Respond to Student Tia
Situation # 3
Social explantations of corruption and potential situations- The message of how the society will feel about this one police department becaue of them saying racist jokes.
Individual explanations of corruption- identifying personality by characteristics
If i was in a situation as an police officer and had officers in my squad telling racist jokes and if we’re at a dinner and they are still knocking the jokes i will feel some type of way, because thats not professional and especially because you are working with others outside of your race. The first few times ill let the sitruation slide but after i would have to go speak with the person who is above us and let them know about situation and the incidents that are taking place and how it is making me uncomfortable as an officer to do my job. Because at this point they could be pulling people over or just arresting them because they’re African American. But itll probably continue so if i was at the dinner i would have to speak up on the situation and say something about it because it is an ongoing situation. As far as what will take place i believe that the squad wouldnt care and they might think that the situation is funny and they might say a joke back towards me but if they see that i am serious they might apoligize for their behavior.

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