Instructions Attached & on this page- Please follow them Classmate Discussions

Instructions Attached & on this page- Please follow them
Classmate Discussions listed below Please casually respond to the classmates context , im not the professor and I dont need to say great job … ( just need to agree, relate and respond to their post using the educational resources provided)
Also do not rate the lecture or the sources, but you may show similarities
Topic: Perceptual Development Lecture
Content: Perceptual Development Lecture Slides( file attached )
Initial discussion using prompt (200 words)
Classmate 1. (100 words)

When reading this week’s PowerPoint, the slide that caught my attention was the music perception in infants. I always see babies dancing to music and they are so happy, it’s the cutest thing. The video that I linked above explains how music can benefit your baby. They go on to explain how babies between 6 to 12 months who listen to music have better brain development than those who don’t. The doctor points out that the first three years of a baby’s life are crucial for brain development. The doctor explains that playing classical music is very beneficial because it is proven to open the same pathways in our brain used for spatial reasoning, which are skills used in math. I found that to be very interesting as I wasn’t aware of that. Furthermore, studies proved that children who tend to listen and interact with music develop better communication skills and are more sociable which I would love to find out why that is. In addition, classical music has a calming effect on babies and can help aid in their behavior. But they don’t know if other genres such as rap, or rock have the same or different effects which could be a good study to implement. The video presented accurate information and would recommend watching it.
Classmate 2 (100 words),these%20words%20and%20memorize%20them.
For this weeks module I found an article by UNICEF that goes more in detail explaining how music affects babies brains. After learning more about the perceptual and sensation development in kids I decided I wanted to focus on how music affects kids/infants for this weeks module. In the article it talks about how when the kid hits 16-18 weeks in the womb(second trimester) they are finally able to hear sound and at 24 weeks that is when their ears start to develop. The article recommends listening to classical music or lullabies due to how soothing they sound and are for kids. Once the kid is born by listening to lullabies with your kid it creates a calm environment and helps with their sleeping patterns. Infants would prefer consonant music over dissonant music. It also goes into what some of the benefits of having babies listen to music are such as that it teaches them to repeat and memorize words, it can improve their mood, help reduce stress for kids as well as it will help them express themselves. It also lets kids use their imagination by letting kids makeup their own songs and has been shown to help kids improve their social skills

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