Instructions ============ • Choose ANY ONE topic from the Six given topics • The

• Choose ANY ONE topic from the Six given topics
• The number of words is between 2900 to 3100 .
• Your essay is expected to cover the following areas: the issue, the literature review, the observation and argument with your final conclusion/recommendation.
• The pass mark is 40% and the weighting to the final result is 50%.
• Compile in a WORD file and upload to the pre-assigned HKIT CMS Portal and Turnitin, Blackboard UWL.
• Date of Submission on Session 6 – 15th April 2023
1. Is it conceptual the same between Policing and Police? Is Policing important to a society, why or why not?
2. A modern society needs a research on policing, why and what are the stakeholders of policing?
3. Are there any advantages or disadvantages for a research or a review on policing in a modern society? Any evidence-based reasons to support your argument!
4. The understanding of Community policing and Intelligence-led policing.
5. The cause(s) police deviance, abuse of given power and corruption.
6. Which one should be the primary objective of Police work under a paradigm of public relationship versus crime control?
The Essay Structure
Section 1: Introduction (about 550 words)
 Define the main concept
 What is the issue?
 A brief background of the issue
 Scope and aim
 Structure/Flow of the Essay
Section 2: Literature review and research finding (about 900 words)
Using some themes to present at least 3 peer-reviewed scholarly articles to summarize in a coherent way about
(a) the theoretical perspective(s),
(b) the law
(c) the main conclusions of the references, and
(d) the research finding
• How do you make use of the literature reviewed/research finding in the following sections?
Section 3: Critical analysis of the issue (about 900 words)
Analyze and compare with positive/negative arguments of the issue
Section 4: Conclusion (about 550 words)
What did you do?
Your final conclusion and any recommendation!
APA/Harvard style

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