Instructions: Do one question for each group. These are due in the dropbox Tuesd

Instructions: Do one question for each group. These are due in the dropbox Tuesday February 28 for on time submission. The dropbox will remain open until Thursday 3/2 with a late penalty. Each essay should be 4-5 pages each, typed with appropriate notes and bibliography. Each question is worth 50 points.
Group A:
1. Discuss the rise of Islam as a religious and political movement: (A) What conditions existed in Arabia were conducive to its spread? (B) Why was Islam able to gain acceptance? i.e. what were its appeals; (C) What conditions enabled the Islamic empire to expand so quickly in such a short time.
2. Identify the specific areas of the second stage of Ottoman Reform in the 19th century (the Tanzimat). What did the reformers hope to achieve? What pressures were behind the drive to reform? How were they implemented? Conclude by discussing the long-term implications of Ottoman reform in the 19th century?
Group B:
3. What is a Regime? Address the different types of regimes in the Middle East and North Africa. Analyze two different regime types. Be sure to analyze their bases of support and strategies of rule. In your discussion be sure to also discuss specific countries as examples.
4. Address the importance of Religion in the politics of the region. Discuss the impact that religion has on the political institutions of the region and civil society as a whole. Be sure to discuss as least two countries in some detail.

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