Instructions for this section of the Investigative Report are attached below. Y

Instructions for this section of the Investigative Report are attached below.
Your Draft should include:
Analysis of two resources that professionals in the field use (ex: trade magazines, professional blogs, popular magazines, podcasts, newspapers, etc.) (I have a research log attached below for some resources)
Demonstrate why they are key sources by providing a rhetorical analysis, or overview of
the sources’ characteristics.
Use details from specific articles, posts, and podcast episodes as evidence for your claims
and analysis.
Accurate in-text APA citations (Example citations and instructions on APA citation can be found at this link:

Your Draft should:
Be about 1-1 1/2 pages in length (single-spaced and formatted according to the GenBus 360 Style Guide attached below)
Answer the guiding questions for the Information Literacy section of the report.
Cite at least 4 sources (in total not per resource) from resource as evidence of your analysis (ex: articles. posts, podcast episodes, etc.)
Reveal structure with headings and short paragraphs.

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