Instructions- Write a 4 page paper (4 complete pages, not including the list of

Instructions- Write a 4 page paper (4 complete pages, not including the list of Works Cited) on one of the topics listed below. It must have a clearly defined thesis statement, a detailed and explained examination of supporting ideas, and a well-defined conclusion. It must be in MLA format and have at least three primary or secondary sources. See Course Documents “Essay on Essays” for an example.
TOPIC- What are indulgences? Explain Luther’s argument against the practices of indulgences, using the Ninety-Five Theses to support your ideas. Should man be able to buy indulgences, essentially buying forgiveness and passage into heaven? Why or why not? Does the Pope, or any high-ranking religious leader for that matter, have the authority, or the capacity, to forgive any sin? Do rich people have a higher chance of getting into heaven because they can afford it? What does this say about the plight of the disadvantaged and the poor?

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