Instructions Illegal immigration (entering a country without authorization and w

Illegal immigration (entering a country without authorization and without valid claim to asylum, or overstaying a permitted entry into a country) is one of the most prominent political issues in the United States at present. The topic receives partisan coverage by advocates and media outlets on both sides of the debate. Immigrants, of all backgrounds, face challenges when resettling in the United States. For certain immigrant communities, those challenges are compounded by factors such as race, ethnicity, economic status, and others. A concern for many has been that immigrants who are victims of crime may be reluctant to report crime and seek the assistance of authorities, especially when they entered the country illegally. One response has been to create ‘sanctuary cities,’ where local authorities are forbidden from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. This is intended to encourage undocumented migrants to report crimes to authorities and act as witnesses without fear of deportation. Such policies have been controversial. Consider, for example, the following articles (read these before posting):
Living in Fear: Understanding the Importance of Sanctuary Cities []
No Safe Place []
Acting ICE Director Slams New York City’s Sanctuary City Policy Following Murder of 92-year-old Woman []
NYPD Union Rep Links De Blasio’s Sanctuary Policies to Rape of 97-Year-Old New Yorker: ‘He Owns It’’ []
Research the issue of sanctuary cities, including arguments for and against the policy. In the forum write your researched response to the following prompt:
What are the criminal justice implications of sanctuary city laws? Are there benefits and/or detriments associated with such laws and policies?

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