Instructions This unit presented applications of the course material. The Unit V

This unit presented applications of the course material. The Unit VIII assignment is to write a report that addresses the following elements.
Write an introduction to your report. Be specific.
Assess the impact of industrial waste on human populations.
Examine the key attributes of solid and hazardous waste.
Evaluate technologies related to the minimization of industrial and hazardous wastes.
Assess engineering principles applicable to solid and hazardous waste management.
Formulate strategies for solving industrial waste-related problems.
Write a summary of your results and the findings from your report.
Ensure your paper is written coherently and that it addresses the requirements mentioned above.
Your course project must be at least four pages in length, and it must include a title page and reference page (title and reference pages do not count toward the minimum page requirement).
In addition to using the required unit resources article by Mor et al. and the unit lesson in your course project, locate three peer-reviewed articles from the CSU Online Library that focus on applications of the course material. At least two of the three sources must not have been used in any of your other assignments for this course. The articles must be no more than five years old.

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