Project 2 is a written public argument. For this project you will find and research an issue you , take a position on that issue, define your audience, and present your case in a convincing argumentative essay. To support your argument, you will use evidence from credible sources.
This helps you prepare for and complete the project:
1) Read about and understand what argumentative writingLinks to an external site. is.
2) Be familiar with the resources and student paper samples in Module 2.
3) Go through the complete writing process step by step.
In short, effective arguments
– show a writer’s investment and expertise in a topic
– address an issue that is debatable/ contested
– are well-researched
– create a relationship between writers and their specific audience (which can be a single person)
– are timely and specific to a context
What not to do:
Don’t choose “overused” or generic topics (e.g. from internet lists) that don’t allow for any local context.
Instead, look for issues that are meaningful and “close” to you and that allow you to discuss them in context, e.g. something you would like to see improved in your everyday life.
Know your audience
In order to be persuasive, your writing needs to establish a successful relationship with the audience it seeks to target. Be sure you know who you would like to reach with your piece and keep in mind what concerns or counter-arguments your audience may have. The better you know and understand your audience, the more likely it is that you will be heard.
Format requirements
This paper must be about 4-5 pages (=1000 words minimum/ not counting sources) in MLA format. A sample paper in MLA format can be found here.
Full documentation of sources: This paper requires in-text citations and a Works Cited section. Make sure you cite all the sources you use in this paper.
Important: complete the writing process
You are expected to do a fair amount of revision on your paper drafts and to go through the full writing process, including proposal and peer review.
Submitting ready-made drafts, a single draft version, or back-drafted papers will result in a fail for this project.
Submitting papers or parts of papers you’ve written for other courses will result in a fail grade for this assignment.

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