Is there a conflict or dispute between george and tang? b.

Conflict Scenario Paper #1
For Conflict Journal Paper #1 consider the story of George and Tang (this story also appears in your textbook on page 11, please refer to the questions here for your assignment rather than those in the textbook). All course materials i.e. lectures and readings can be used to support your answer).
George and Tang are from different cultural heritages. George was born in Canada and was raised in the Judeo-Christian ethic and belief system. From childhood he was taught to believe in creationism. His family has always sponsored involvement in music, because they believe music is the medium through which men are connected to the angels. Tang, on the other hand, was born in China. He learned at an early age that one approaches the eternal by stillness, through meditation. The two men are now attending the same university and live in adjoining residence rooms. Each night after studying, George likes to play the “Hallelujah Chorus” loudly in his room. This usually happens at 10 o’clock, just as Tang, next door, is settling in for meditation. Tang’s culture promotes a high degree of respect for others when it comes to allowing them to save face.
a. Is there a conflict or dispute between George and Tang?
b. Does the conflict or dispute, if there is one, arise from the differences in cultural understandings or from the aspirations that each party has at a given time?
c. What does it mean to “separate the person from the problem?” How might the strategy of “separating the person from the problem,” aide George and Tang in this conflict/dispute (if there is a conflict/dispute present)?
Conflict Journal Papers are to be typewritten, double-spaced, submitted in an acceptable font (i.e. Times New Roman OR Calibri 11 or 12 ppt.) and adhere to proper citation when direct and indirect quotations are used – APA, MLA, and Chicago are acceptable formats. Papers are to be 2 to 3 pages in length excluding title and works cited pages. Please cite lectures as: B. Lucier “Lecture 4: Separting the Person From the Problem,” October 4, 2022
attched is a file of key notes from lectures that should be included in the assignment

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