Issues paper

The assignment in Unit 3 gives you an opportunity to investigate and understand
information about the company you will choose for your final project.
Final Project Overview:
In your final project, you will use the contents of Parts I, II, III, and IV in a final
PowerPoint presentation. Imagine you are giving this presentation to corporate.
• Unit 3 Assignment – Final Project Part I- Company Background & Quality
Issues Paper
• Unit 4 Assignment – Final Project Part II- SWOT Analysis for the Company’s
Product or Service
• Unit 6 Assignment – Final Project Part III- Using Baldridge Criteria
• Unit 7 Assignment – Final Project Part IV- Recommendations
• Unit 8 Assignment – Final Project Part V-Final Project PowerPoint Presentation to
Think of a company you have worked for or one you have visited as a customer. You
may have also heard of one in the media. In a 1.5-page paper address the following:
• In at least one paragraph of your paper, describe the type of company it is and
the customers it serves.
• Explain in your own words the area in which some quality issues/problems have
o State how you obtain this information. Is it a product or service issue?
© 2021 Post University, Waterbury, CT
o How significant is this problem to stakeholders?
• Identify the different stakeholders that will be affected by the company’s quality

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