Languages Spoken- Verbal Communication

Culture Research Paper:
Pick a country (cannot be the United States) to research and post your choice later this week in the Discussion Question found in the Week 2, Session 3 folder.

Then, research the country’s culture and write a short research paper about the various social communities or co-cultures (ethnicity, gender, social class, religion, etc.) in the country. You can also discuss the language(s) and non-verbal communication of the country as well. All of the topics below will be discussed this week.
Research Topics to Consider for the Paper:
•Languages Spoken- Verbal Communication
•Non-Verbal Communication- Clothing, etc.
•Regulative Rules of the Culture
•Social Communities- Gender, Ethnicity, Religion, Social Class, Age
Paper must be typed, double-spaced and be between 3 to 4 pages in length. Consider beginning your research with the World Factbook located on the website. You may use any standard format (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.), but include a works cited page.
Culture Research Papers should be submitted on Monday, June 27th by 11:59pm in the Paper Discussion forum that will be located in the Week Four folder. Please upload as a Word document attachment.

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