Learning Objectives: To consider the information needs of patients and consumers

Learning Objectives:
To consider the information needs of patients and consumers.
To gain experience creating effective health information systems that meet those needs.
This assignment is worth 20% of your total course grade.
A simple open system is one that has inputs, internal conversion processes, and outputs. You are the system designer at your healthcare organization. You are working to identify new ways to serve patient populations in your service area. You will create an open system in which personal health information is exchanged. Patients using your system will have information processing needs that you will identify and discuss. Your patients need to provide information to your system. Next, an information conversion process will take place. And finally, outputs will be provided back to your patients. Components of your system may be automated or manual and formal or informal. Be creative! Prepare the diagram, narrate it, and provide a minimum of three written pages of explanation. Please do not include more than four pages.
Content of paper should describe:
The case: What is the specified need (illness, preventative, specialty needs) of your consumers/patients who the system will be built for? E.g. is this for a primary care provider’s office, for a surgery center, long term care, etc.? In general, what does the information consist of that the system should get from point A to point B? Does there need to be a feedback loop (e.g. orders and results)?
Who should be involved in the development of your system (what stakeholders)? What are the stakeholder’s specific needs with regards to the information flow?
Describe the purpose of each system component. What need does it fulfill? E.g. is it a data feed that is getting information from point A to point B?
Prepare and narrate a diagram illustrating inputs, conversion processes, outputs, and feedback loop. Be sure to include your diagram as a separate attachment and ensure that the lines include arrows for directional and flow purposes.
Reference the lecture content for sprint three to review specific diagram symbols and lines that should be used in the diagram.

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