• Length: 1000 words minimum • Sources: https://explore.proquest.com/sirsissuesr

• Length: 1000 words minimum
• Sources: https://explore.proquest.com/sirsissuesresearcher/document/2661672357?accountid=7015
• Bias & Writer’s Ethos: Neutral, siding with neither viewpoint
• Evaluation: Assesses which article is better argued and more effective
You will complete a close reading of each article, looking for different rhetorical devices (with a particular emphasis on logos, ethos, and pathos) and how effectively the authors use them. Your goal is NOT to agree or disagree with one article or another in this essay, but to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of how the authors construct their arguments. You might focus on specific areas of weakness, such as fallacies the authors rely on to make their arguments, or areas that could be stronger, such as an over-reliance on emotional appeal and limited logical appeal.
You must determine which article presents the stronger argument and explain how it does so using academic, rhetorical language. The goal of this assignment is for you to see why certain arguments work better than others so you can emulate them in your own writing and avoid the mistakes other authors have made.

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