Length: 1,200 words (± 10%) In the review essay, use the knowledge you have lear

Length: 1,200 words (± 10%)
In the review essay, use the knowledge you have learned from the readings, lectures, and discussions to answer the following two questions:
Why do scholars and the general public think that we are living in a platform society?
How does platform company accumulate its power?
The Review Essay offers the space for you to demonstrate your understanding of the recent rise of digital platforms, and the social, economic, and political consequences of a continued trend of “platformization” of the society. Take this assignment as an exercise for you to build a conceptual and analytical foundation for the final essay. You should utilize the concepts and theories covered in this course for the Review Essay.
Think about the following points while you try to answer the two questions above (you don’t have to cover all of them in the Review Essay):
Why some scholars say we are living in a platform society/capitalism? What distinguishes digital platform companies from, say, retailers or manufacturers?
What sets platform-mediated activities apart (e.g., rid-hailing service vs. taxi, or social media vs. broadcasting)?
How do digital platforms shift the power relations between companies, users, government/regulators, and other social and economic actors/complementors?
What mechanisms have been deployed by digital platform companies to achieve their dominant position on the market? Does digital platform company achieve its market position solely by its technology?
Which problems or challenges arise from the dominance of digital platforms in our life?
Are platform economies all the same across different geographies? Does national experience matter in the mechanism and development of digital platforms?
To which extent does geography inform our knowledge about platform theory? What is the political significance of platform theory that considers geographical/national differences?
Provide a list of references (6 to 7 sources)
Use theories and insights from the course and beyond – you are encouraged to apply the ideas and theories from the assigned readings by referencing them. You may also use other sources such as media reporting and/or additional academic publication. You are advised to limit the number of external sources to TWO.
Develop a coherent argument in the Review Essay – when addressing the questions, you need build your essay upon critical readings of argument and evidence from other scholars. In other words, pay attention to the agreement, disagreement, and even contradictions among different authors, and discuss about how their agreement, disagreement, and contradictions inform your understanding. Consult your reading notes.
Use an academic reference style – any style is accepted for this assignment as long as you choose one and use it consistently throughout.
Do not cite Wikipedia directly without checking the original sources.
Do not commit plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonest which includes improper use of AI tools (such as Moonbeam, Chat GPT, etc.)
Grading criteria (in points)
Demonstration of the knowledge of digital platform theories = 5
Application of the relevant literature to develop the argument = 5
Balanced and clear structure = 3
Well-written with no spelling errors and a correct referencing style = 2Length: 1,200 words (± 10%)

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