LESSON 3 TASK 2: Economic Development and the Americas Context: Barring a major

LESSON 3 TASK 2: Economic Development and the Americas
Context: Barring a major political and economic shift in the developing world, evidence is strong that through the first decades of the 21st century emerging markets will be where the majority of world’s total trade growth will occur. Growth will occur on a variety of fronts: development of infrastructure, opportunities of foreign investors, and a spectacular growth of the consumer market. The events taking place in emerging markets make international business exciting and will create opportunities and challenges for multinational firms.
1-The growing importance of new market segments is reflected in the number of studies on consumers that are being conducted. A recent Roper Starch Worldwide global study of 40,000 consumers in 40 countries identified four major styles of shopping. Deal Makers (29%), who love the process of buying; Price Seekers (27%), who place primary value on the product they are buying; Brand Loyalists (23%), who purchase name brands and remain true to them; and Luxury Innovators (21%), those who seek the new, prestigious brands.
The following is a breakdown by country.
Brand Loyalists Price Seekers Luxury Innovators Deal Makers
U.S. 11.3%, 35.5%, 16.6% 36.6%
Mexico 19.1 23.4, 19.9 35.0
China 27.9 23.4 22.8 25.7
India 34.6 7.4 35.8 22.2
Japan 23.5 41.0 7.9 27.1
Saudi Arabia 14.8 8.9 34.4 40.3
France 19.5 45.5 8.5 26.6
Germany 16.9 43.7 15.7 21.9
Spain 27.0 34.4 18.1 19.6
U.K. 28.7 27.2 17.5 25.5
Czech Republic 23.9 26.9 25.7 22.6[1]
You can access these cases in the content area. You do not have any tasks associated specifically with these case studies but you should read them and synthesize the information. Cases 2.2 and 1.3 provide a backdrop for a discussion of the everyday realities in emerging markets. Both go into great detail how consumer behaviors, products, and promotion interact to have huge impacts on public health.
Directions: (a) Watch the 30 minute documentary on Nestle and in your own words write ~150 words about why it is important for international marketers to study economic development based on the Nestle case.

Links to an external site.
(b) Read the following case study on Coke. Watch the 30 minute video from Melinda Gates https://www.ted.com/talks/melinda_french_gates_what_nonprofits_can_learn_from_coca_cola?language=en
Links to an external site.
Visit the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation website http://www.gatesfoundation.org/
Links to an external site.
Answer the following essential question. What has Coke learned about marketing their product in remote areas of the world specifically the Americas? ~50 words (you will have to do some research outside of the resources provided for you to find an answer).
(NRR) Submit your work to this assignment
no plagiarism, high quality, use the video and websites in the instruction and other outside sources to find the answer, follow the instruction, and write the references and in-text citations.

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