Liberation and Practices of Freedom.

Research and write a 10+ page research paper on an ethical topic, question, or practice
related to “Liberation and Practices of Freedom.” Option 1: Select a question or claim articulated within the larger discussion on freedom and write an argumentative research paper which develops a response to that question or claim. Option 2: Select either a practice of freedom discussed in the readings, class discussions, lectures, and reading responses, or select a practice that has not-yet-been discussed, and write a research paper
which describes and/or demonstrates how it operates as a practice of freedom, and what
the activity frees one from and/or to.

Research Papers should be typed, formatted in MLA, APA, or Chicago style. We invite 8
you to write your research paper in a variety of modes of discourse (narrative, descriptive, expository, or argumentative) depending on the aims, objectives, audience and field
of knowledge which you frame your research within. We also invite you to make use of 9
a variety of discursive forms (podcast, short film, poetry cycle, album, manifesto) if you
prefer to creatively form your research. You are encouraged to make use of 10+ sources
and to consider consulting a mixed strategy of source types (including scholarly sources,
interviews, tweets, documentary films, etc.). Finally we have developed a course archive
in order to do the research of locating and gathering the sources that Maggie Nelson references in On Freedom as possible sources for your research.

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