Liberty’s six fundamental skills are tools that are helpful when implemented into everyday life

In forming your two replies, find classmates who bring up different points. Then, make a real contribution to the conversation. Rather than just saying, “I agree” or “Good job,” be careful to provide support for your replies. Reply to at least two classmates. Each of your replies must be at least 75 words.

Reply to 2 different classmates. Replies should add to the conversation and go beyond “I
agree”. Replies should provide substantive additional thoughts regarding classmates’
threads. Post 2 replies of at least 75 words
1st Post
The Training Champions for Christ video helped me understand the reason Jerry Falwell founded Liberty University and the purpose of the school. They said in the video that Liberty is God’s university, and He has a plan for it. Being champions for Christ means living, working, and learning for Christ. It is our duty on this planet to serve God and bring glory to Him. Liberty urges everyone who comes to the University to work diligently for the Lord.
Liberty’s Mission Statement aligns well with my educational goals. I noticed one theme of the Statement was that it is not about completing your education, but more about gaining the knowledge and skills that you will need. This theme is one that I have been focusing on throughout high school. Another idea in the Mission Statement was how important it is to maintain a Christian worldview and Christian values in education. When I learn something new, I make sure it aligns with the Bible and what I believe. I am glad that Liberty agrees with my ideas of education.
I know that the six foundational skills Liberty University adopted are essential for succeeding in anything. Effectively communicating and sharing information is important in school as well as in social environments. Critical thinking and quantitative reasoning are valuable for any job. Investigating science helps me understand the world I live in. Since I represent God, I must learn how to engage in society the way He says to. As I use these six skills, I hope to accomplish my goals in school, in sports, and in life.
2nd Post
The Training Champions for Christ video helped me understand the mission of Liberty University in multiple ways. It reminded me that this is God’s university, which means all the work I do here is also work I do for Him. The video explained the importance of being involved in the word, and how keeping my focus on the Lord is my most important job as a Liberty student. God is the center of this college, and He must be always on the forefront of my mind. Lastly, God is calling me to lead in my field, all I must do is answer Him.
Personally, LU’s mission statement does align with the educational goals I have set for myself. I want to excel and grow in both my faith and education. I want to constantly be changing myself for the better as I become a light for God. Liberty’s mission statement puts a great emphasis on both areas. Their goal is to help me excel in my education and guiding me down the path to take in order to use my learned abilities for God’s glory.

Liberty’s six fundamental skills are tools that are helpful when implemented into everyday life. I have the most knowledge in communication and information literacy, as well as christianity and contexts. I am excited to expand my knowledge on the topics that I’m familiar with, and I look forward to educating myself in the areas that I have a limited knowledge of. I believe that these skills will assist me here at Liberty, as well as in my future workplace and relationships. By using these skills every day, I can ensure that I will be able to speak well, think well and improve in my faith and in my life.

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