Listen to the episode of the npr podcast invisibilia titled “the new norm.”

Writing that combines critical thinking, proper editing, and proper
citations. The goal of these assignments is to demonstrate to me that not only are you reading the
material but also that you can synthesize, analyze, examine, and appraise the course subjects and
topics. Thus, your submissions need to be proofread, contain evidence from the chapter, and be cited appropriately.
I have included a PDF of the book I am working with. PLEASE USE IT!!
Writing Assignment #1: Answer the following prompts. Use the textbook and other supplemental materials as evidence in your answers. You must cite your references in APA format.
The term culture is complex, in part because it is used in numerous (sometimes contradictory) ways. In your own words, define and provide examples of the two aspects of culture discussed in chapter 3.
Listen to the episode of the NPR podcast Invisibilia titled “The New Norm.” Discuss how the podcast relates to norms, their consequences, and how to change them. Identify a norm in society that you would like to change. How difficult or easy would it be to change this norm and what would the possible intended and unintended consequences of this shift.
Discuss the concept of ethnocentrism. In your answer, describe the key ideas of the concept and discuss some of the potential problems that can come with ethnocentrism. Are there any potential benefits to ethnocentrism? If so, what are they?

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