Locate a lesson online that includes, at minimum, a state or national standard

Locate a lesson online that includes, at minimum, a state or national standard and learning objective for a grade level and content area of your choice.
evaluate this lesson plan in 500-750 words based on the following criteria:
Thoroughness: Are any of the lesson plan components incomplete or missing?
Alignment: If misaligned, how could the teacher revise the lesson to better align all the components?
Cross-curricular connections: Are there connections to other subject areas regarding learning and teaching activities? If none, suggest how cross-curricular instruction could be integrated.
Formal and informal assessments: What assessments are included? Do they measure student mastery of learning objectives?
Differentiation: Is differentiation included in this plan? How will the teacher ensure each child is supported?
Reflection: Based on your analysis, what changes would you make in this lesson plan if you were to administer it to the “Class Profile? Justify the instructional choices you made based on curriculum goals and student learning needs.
Include the URL for the lesson plan you evaluated with your submission.

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