“Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Locke thought the purpose of politics was to create a

“Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Locke thought the purpose of politics was to create a stable regime. Whose political theory
do you think would be most effective in establishing a stable regime? And why would the other two not be as effective?”
In writing this essay, you will be defending a certain interpretation of the texts at hand. This is not meant to be a research
paper. This means that you should not consult or cite any sources other than the texts you have been asked to read in the
attached files which is only 3. In constructing your argument, you should restrict yourself to examining the relevant portions of the texts, and clearly pointing to those passages that support your particular reading of the texts. In addition, you are
called upon to some extent to synthesize the various views under consideration, by contrasting
the approaches of the three authors. Make sure you your using in text citation as well as quoting directly from the readings. Make sure you explain the significance of each quote included. Please use double-spacing, at least 12-point font, and include a word count as well as a Bibliography or Works Cited page.
It is very important to throughouly read these directions and perform a plagarism free great paper that meets
all requirements.

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