make a comment on the follow discussion : According to one definition, social su

make a comment on the follow discussion :
According to one definition, social support is “assistance made accessible to a person through interpersonal relationships, events, and the larger community.” Given its ease of estimation and evidence that it is a favored indicator of psychological well-being over other measures, social support is the type of social support that is most frequently measured. Numerous studies have demonstrated the protective effect of perceived social support on emotional well-being under trying conditions. Finding social support is also an important component of social help (a receiver of strong behavioral patterns). From the perspective of stress and coping on social support, the association between perceived and received social support is regarded to be rather high, especially when the sort of support demanded matches the type of support offered. Even if there is a difference between perceived and actual social support, this is still true. Some writers claim that one way to measure perceived support is through recalling supportive behaviors.
Some people believe that social support and social support resources should be seen as two separate but related concepts. Perceived support is a representation of one’s own assessments of the accessibility of social support from other users on social networks. Numerous research have found that perceived support quality has a stronger relationship with mental health than actual personal network structure. In general, a broad variety of individuals, including but not limited to family, friends, romantic partners, animals, links to the community, and workplace, can be sources of perceived social support. Numerous studies have demonstrated that various forms of social assistance have various impacts on the mental health of young people. Notably, social support from family members but not from friends was associated with post-traumatic disorder and depressive symptoms. In a different study, peer social support fared better than family social support as a buffer against psychological unease. It is crucial to consider the many types of social support when investigating the connection between societal support and mental health, which may involve official individuals (like community groups or mental health experts) or more informal ones (like family members and friends) (such as friends and relatives).
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