Masters Essay Need to get minimum 74 percent The module is assessed via essay wi

Masters Essay
Need to get minimum 74 percent
The module is assessed via essay with a 3,000 word limit. And that means 3,000. The markers will not be taking into account any material beyond the word limit. Your reference list at the end of the submission does not count as part of the 3,000.
OCP Essay Questions:
You have 4 questions to choose from. You can only choose ONE question for your essay.
Q1 – Change is the only constant. What are the implications of this statement for the management of change?
Q2 – Managing organizational change. Art or science?
Q3 – Where is power in organizations and what are its limits?
Q4 – Democratic pluralism and dialogue are the most effective ways of managing organizational change. Discuss.
All the above questions ask for a CRITICAL DISCUSSION which should involve:
Consideration of different approaches/perspectives/points of view
Their unpacking, critical analysis and evaluation against one another
Arguments being confronted with counterarguments
The course material should form the base but not the limit of the discussion
Support and examples should be derived from academic literature
What to avoid:
A mere description of what various authors said on the matter
Focusing on one approach/view on the subject
Basing the discussion on the whole new collection of sources not used in the module
Going outside the subject-matter domain of the module
Supporting main arguments with citations alone and without any elaboration on the nature of the support.
Including ready-made views and conclusions from the internet
Signalling your knowledge rather than demonstrating your understanding
Citing sources you have not consulted
As this is an academic essay, the majority of the support you are going to be giving your position should come from peer-reviewed sources. Critical engagement is key here. Thus comparing and contrasting, challenging ideas and theory to create a response that represents your own ‘voice’ is what Masters level work is expected to showcase.
Submission will be via the Turnitin Link that will be placed in this section also.
Deadline is: 23:59 GMT on 20th March 2023
I will also send the course material to the author later

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