Meursault’s pal Raymond is best described as:

When Meursault received a telegram informing him of his Mother’s death he reacted by:
Group of answer choices
Wondering if she died that day or the day before
Wondering if the cost of the casket was included in the retirement home fee package
Wondering if his suit was still at the cleaners
Wondering if she has in heaven, hell, or purgatory
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Meursault’s pal Raymond is best described as:
Group of answer choices
A lowlife
A guy who likes to slap women around
A pimp
A warehouseman
All of these things
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When Marie asked Meursault if he loved her he replied:
Group of answer choices
It doesn’t mean anything but probably no
No, but I like sleeping with you
It doesn’t mean anything but probably yes
The word love has no meaning in an absurd universe
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What bothered Meursault most about the Chaplain was:
Group of answer choices
His cassock was stained with sacramental wine
He seemed so certain about everything
He smiled while speaking
He had bad breath
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Question 51 pts
What did Meursault wish for on the day of his death: Group of answer choices
A large crowd greeting him with cries of hate
Blood sausage and wine for his last meal
A chance to apologize to Raymond’s ex
One last kiss from Marie

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